After 10 years, Apps Are Eating Themselves

I have watched the mobile app industry grow and mature over the last decade. From the early days of Java/Brew/WinMob to the current days of iOS and Android, I've watched every step. 

Flurry Analytics has also been there through same journey. A dedicated app analytics tool, it survived many challenges to become the barometer of how we use apps. 

Flurry recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the iPhone with this post showing how our usage of apps is growing more concentrated, with apps with many eyeballs pushing out the narrow-focus apps. I expect this will continue as the mobile ecosystem continues on its recent plateau of innovation and the big get bigger. The app store is no longer friendly to innovators.

They also mention the continuing form factor migration to phablets. Phablets are taking market share from both tablets and small-screen phones. Despite many people complaining about how large the phones are, my experience has shown me that once you go big, you can not go back.

So thanks, Flurry, for being there during all these changes. May you survive whatever happens to Yahoo.