How Do I Stay Sharp?

I have a favorite question when meeting other professionals in my business - How do you stay sharp? This reflects my passion for staying sharp and always wanting to share, and steal, ways to keep learning. In the Silicon Valley, this task is much easier, as almost everyone you talk to is working on something that has never been done before. New ideas, new methods, new products, and new companies are the currency of even casual conversations in the Bay Area. 

Thankfully, the internet provides similar ways to learn about the next new, new thing, and I am going to share some of my favorites for technology and startups:

AVC - An invaluable resource covering culture, finances, term sheets, technology, and giving back. The value here is split between the posts by VC Fred Wilson (every day) and the community that is shared in the comments. 

Stratechery - Ben Thompson provides great analysis on technology companies and strategy, offering a free weekly post and subscription based daily posts. Worth every penny to get his thoughts on macro trends and company strategy.

Benedict Evans - Ben is now part of Andreessen Horowitz but continues his regular blog posts and weekly emails to keep folks up on the technology and startup world.

Azeem Azhar -  Azeem's weekly emails provides a curated list of deep thoughts and perspectives on technology. Love the section "Short morsels to appear smart at dinner parties"